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Wedding Bouquets

BloomsByTheBox offers beautiful wedding reception flowers, for your creative Wedding Bouquets, that will add an extra level of elegance to your wedding. Our flowers for your wedding celebration are guaranteed not to just please the bride, but also to stun your wedding guests with their presence. Our staff knows that your wedding is a very important day for you as a bride, so we are dedicated to making sure your day is memorable.

BloomsByTheBox offers a variety of different Bulk Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Packs for you to choose from. Whether your preference is Carnations, Roses, or any of our other wide variety of wedding flowers, you can be sure that we will exceed your expectations.

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Bride’s Maid Bouquets

BloomsByTheBox’s inventory is not just limited to wedding reception flowers for Wedding Bouquets, we also offer various types of wedding celebration flowers for Bride’s Maid Bouquets. Your bride’s maids are also an important element to your wedding and we can deliver high quality wedding party flowers for your Bride’s Maid Bouquets so that they can stand out and shine along with the bride. Our wide color varieties ensure that your selection is not limited!

Choose from our wide selection of Lilies, Orchids, Snapdragons, Roses, Chrysanthemums or any of our different wedding flower varieties.

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Flower Girl Bouquets

You aren't the only one who will be walking down the aisle with flowers on your wedding day! Don't forget about the Flower Girl Bouquets. By far the most popular flower girl bouquet is the pomander, a small ball of blooms meant to be carried. Additionally, a basket filled with varying flowers, a small round bouquet, or tied bunch of flowers would be appropriate. Blooms By The Box will not only provide you with the highest quality flowers for your Flower Girl Bouquets, but our knowledgeable wedding consultants are just a phone call a way.

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Wedding Table Centerpieces

Wedding Table Centerpieces create ambiance at a wedding reception. Blooms By The Box will provide you with the most beautiful flowers for your wedding to create your Wedding Table Centerpieces so the atmosphere of your reception is truly magical. A new trend in Wedding Table Centerpiece design is submerging your flowers in water for that extra "wow factor". Whether you want traditional centerpieces of roses or hydrangeas embody classic charm, or tall vases with calla lilies or orchids will add exotic elegance, Blooms By The Box will provide you with the highest quality blooms available.

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Wedding Packs

Blooms By The Box's wedding packs are geared to make any bride-to-be's wedding party flower choices a little easier. All of our customized wedding packs not only include the freshest high quality flowers, but also the greens and fillers to compliment each bloom. The combinations of roses, calla lilies, carnations, and hydrangeas in our Wedding Packs will create either the most stunning bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids, or jaw dropping wedding table centerpieces for the reception. We provide the flowers... you choose the colors and what you want to do with them! Once again, Blooms By The Box is always there to help you with both advice and creative ideas for your wedding flowers.

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