Are You a Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flower Bride?

Flowers are a key part of your wedding day. They can set the tone of the day, create color and fragrance and leave a lasting impression. Their cost can also be a huge part of your wedding budget. More and more brides-to-be are considering arranging all or part of their wedding flowers themselves. Blooms By The Box will provide you with instruction, great ideas, and the best prices on the best quality wedding flowers available. We will also guide you through the process of deciding if arranging your own wedding flowers is the right decision for you.

The process begins by considering the following:

1. Do you enjoy arranging flowers?
2. Are you creative, or do you know someone who is and can help you?
3. Will you be happy with simple, classic arrangements that are not too hard to create?
4. Do you have friends and family who can help you with the arranging?
5. Will you have time before the ceremony to arrange your flowers?
6. Are you organized, and will you make time to practice before your wedding day?
7. Are you on a budget?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, creating your own wedding flowers may be your best option.

Please consider that if you are looking for spectacular flowers, minimum stress, a lot of big arrangements and are not concerned about cost, hiring a professional florist is probably the right decision for you. Keep in mind that you can always hire a professional for some things and do others by yourself.

If you're excited by the possibilities of designing and creating your flowers yourself, read on!

Think about what you like.

There are lots of sources available to give you ideas. Look through books, magazines, and the internet. Think about other weddings you've attended. What did you like or not like about the flowers? Keep all of your ideas in a binder or journal for easy reference.

Decide on colors.

Do you want your flowers to blend with your other wedding colors or contrast? Do you like bright colors or pastels? Think about the color wheel. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel compliment each other. Red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange are all complimentary colors. Adding a little yellow to an arrangement always brings out the color in other flowers.

Determine your flower budget.

Then think about what arrangements you need, and which of them you will be creating. Will you just be making the table centerpieces or do you also plan on making your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, head table arrangements, and church or synagogue arrangements? After you determine how many arrangements you need, think about the types of flowers you like. Do you want to use seasonal flowers or do you have your heart set on red roses? Consider that different varieties come with different price tags. Peonies are lovely and romantic wedding flowers for a spring or summer wedding, but are not available year round. Using "in-season" flowers ensures availability and the best price.

If you determine that you would like to make 10 table centerpieces of 9 roses per table, your costs will include the flowers, containers and greens. Looking at the prices on our web site will give you a very good idea of the total cost. If you're not sure what you like, check out our favorite ideas and remember that some of the simplest arrangements can be the most elegant. If you don't see something you want on our web site, just ask. If it's available anywhere we can get it.

Collect all of the components of your arrangement and make a sample.

Don't forget things like water buckets, containers, garden shears (never sissors), floral foam, floral wire, floral tape, ribbons, etc.

When you are satisfied with your sample, determined exactly what you will need to make it again.

For example, make a list of one 5" bubble ball container, 7 pink roses, 5 white peonies, 5 lime green chrysanthemums, 7 stems green hypericum berries, and 5 stems eucalyptus bonsai. We will be happy to help you determine the total quantities needed.

Order your flowers and supplies in advance and order them so that they are received two days before you need them.

This will give you plenty of time to condition and arrange your flowers for the big day! Prepare a large work area covered with plastic for you and your friends and have fun.

Contact us below for more information about pre-book your flowers in advance.

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