Blooms Business Club

The BLOOMS BUSINESS CLUB offers special savings, flexible payment terms, and tax-free purchases of large quantity Bulk flowers and Floral Supplies to Businesses and other organizations with a TAX ID.

Benefits include:

  • Additional discounts on Large quantity Bulk orders
  • High volume promotions for big Flower events and holidays
  • Flexible payment terms including Purchase Orders and corporate checks
  • No Sales Tax Collected
  • Dedicated Sales staff trained to process bulk orders
  • Customized shipping strategies
  • No annual fees to join

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Terms and conditions:

By clicking submit, user is requesting to join the Blooms By The Box Business Club available to businesses and other organizations with a tax exempt or tax resale status. All applications must be completed in full to be considered and will be reviewed for accuracy prior to approval by Blooms Management.

A ST-3 resale certificate or ST-4 tax exempt form must be completed and faxed to (908) 791-0040 or submitted via email prior to approval. All information provided will be handled in strict accordance with our privacy & security policy.