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DIY Video: How To Make a Ranunculus Boutonniere

How To Make a Ranunculus Boutonniere

This DIY Wedding Flower video will help you replicate a popular floral romantic bouquet on a budget. Flowers in the video include, light pink o'hara garden rose, pink romantic antique garden rose, white ranunculus, pink ranunculus, mini green hydrangea, peach rose versilla, seeded eucalyptus, italian ruscus, and green + peach hypericum.

  1. Prep, rehydrate, and clean flowers upon arrival.
  2. Start by gathering garden roses and hydrangeas to create a focal flower center.
  3. Secure 3-4 flowers to together to start. Using floral tape to secure the flowers together is fast and simple.
  4. Create another layer of flowers including fillers and roses.
  5. Insert ranunculus in between larger flowers. In the video you can see how to pull ranunculus through the hydrangeas and roses to make sure the ranunculus is spread evenly throughout the bouquet.
  6. Build on the bouquet until you are happy with size, create a finishing touch by lining the outside of the bouquet with greens.
  7. Then use ribbon and corsage pins to cover all floral tape and mechanics of the bouquet.
  8. Then enjoy your trendy ranunculus and garden rose bouquet.

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