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The Beauty of the Ranunculus Flower

The ranunculus flower is a beautiful, romantic version of the common buttercup flower and has a full round, bowl-shaped camellia-like blossom. The flower bud contains hundreds of impossibly thin layered petals that are spiraled around each other in an intricate fashion. This delicately lovely ranunculus flower represents a radiant charm and transmits the message that you find the recipient of these flowers charming and attractive. The radiant beauty of these flowers has inspired Native American and Persian legends. The ranunculus flower even possesses health benefits and has been used medicinally over the centuries.

Ranunculus Wholesale Flower Versatility

Order your ranunculus wholesale blossoms from Blooms by the Box by the bunch. The ranunculus flower comes in a wide variety of soft to bold colors and can easily be incorporated into any bridal bouquet, centerpiece or arrangement. This versatile flower is ideal for romantically classic bouquets and even amazingly modern looks, depending on what kinds of flowers it is paired with. We carry these lovely flowers in red, orange ranunculus, yellow, peach ranunculus, hot pink, soft pink, purple, white — even green. 


Ranunculus Flower Care

The ranunculus flower can be delicate to care for. Please note that it often requires more attention than other flowers. When your ranunculus flowers are delivered, make sure that you remove all of the foliage from the stems that will touch the water in the vase. Then, cut about 1 inch of the stem off at an angle to encourage adequate water absorption. Place them in a vase with clean, fresh water and give them cut flower food or a small amount of sugar to keep them hydrated and well fed. Be sure to keep the water clean by changing the vase water every other day. You may also need to use floral wire to straighten the naturally curly stems of the ranunculus to use it in a bouquet. 



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