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Dendrobium Red Mokara

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For those who like to add a bit of spice to life, red mokara Dendrobium orchids are the perfect selection. These beautiful blooms symbolize passion and desire as well as strength and courage, which makes them appropriate for everything from anniversaries to fundraisers for health- and wellness-focused organizations.

Each bloom features five outer petals arranged in an open starburst pattern with a delicate, yellow-tinged center. The pattern of the petals and the color combination seem to exude happiness and hope; use these flowers in a DIY bridal bouquet to pay homage to the love that binds the couple and their plans for a happy life together.

Stems/Bunch: 5
Flowers/Stem: 6-10
Size: 16"-20" stems with 2"-4" flowers
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 8-10 days
Price Class: $ $
Suggestions: Submerge red mokara dendrobium orchids underwater in a clear glass vase to create an elegant and striking centerpiece.

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