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DIY Video: How To Make A Succulent Bouquet

How To Make A Succulent Bouquet

Learn how to make your own flower hair clip by watching this step by step tutorial. Flowers in the video include, israeli ruscus leaves, pruple freesia, yellow solidago, and purple trachellium. You will also need floral scissors, floral adhesive, and the hair accessory of your choice.

  1. Squeeze floral adhesive down the center of your greenery, press and glue the leaves into position.
  2. Add solidago filler with floral adhesive, create a mirror image and balanced background for your focal flower.
  3. Add some of the purple trachellium using your floral adhesive.
  4. Position and glue your focal flower in the center of the design.
  5. Cover any glue or open spaces with more filler flower.

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