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Celosia Orange Flowers
Orange Celosia

Celosia Orange Flowers

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Stems/Bunch: 10

1 or more bunches

$18.81 per bunch



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Common Names: Feathered Celosia, Celosia Argentea, or Plumed Cockscomb

Choose Celosia Orange flowers from Blooms by the Box when you want to create show-stopping arrangements like no other. This unique flower has a magnificent shape that resembles fire flames. Elongated leaves provide a bit of natural greenery that you can keep or clip. Stems are quite long, making them a perfect choice for tall flower arrangements. They look impressive in a tall glass vase as is, or you can get creative and use them in numerous imaginative floral centerpiece designs.


Stems/Bunch: 10
Flowers/Stem: Multi-bloom clusters
Size: 16"-20" length
Availability: July-September
Vase Life: 7-14 days
Price Class: $
Suggestions: Create a sunny orange-themed centerpiece pairing Celosia Orange with other orange blooms. Pairing ideas include gerbera, gerpom, lilies, cockscomb, gladiolus, safflower, and carnations. They also look great with dahlias and hydrangea.

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