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Rose Cool Water Lavender 40cm

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 25.

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25 to 75 stems $1.76 per stem
100 or more stems $1.65 per stem
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This elegant lavender rose combines hints of purple and pink to create a DIY experience that is as Cool Lavender Water rose is an enchanting blend of dark lavender and pink undertones and pink outer guard petals. Like the soothing effects of the flowering lavender plant, the Cool Lavender Water rose has a similar effect when you take in its soft beauty. Did you know that lavender roses are a sign of attraction and love at first sight? Armed with this information, brides-to-be are drawn to incorporating them into their wedding bouquets, centerpieces and ceremonial décor. It pairs beautifully with other pastel flowers such as pink garden roses, pink larkspur, and cream lisianthus for a bright springtime bouquet. For a tonal look, consider arranging this rose with other similarly hued flowers in the purple and blue family, such as violet tinted hydrangea, purple lisianthus and mini Picasso calla lilies. For a striking opposites attract display, blend the Cool Lavender Water rose with yellow blooms or use them to adorn pale yellow table linens.

Warning: Sometimes this variety of rose has a hue of pink, this is greatly dependent on weather and current crop.
Size: 40 cm stem length (15.7 inches), rose head about 1-2 inches wide
Vase Life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: This rose creates an appropriate atmosphere for many different types of events, ranging from weddings to baby showers. For a romantic touch, pair with any cream-colored flower and your favorite greens.
Check out our YouTube video tutorial on Preparing Wholesale Roses for Arrangements!

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