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Rose Blizzard 50 cm.

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 200.

Stems/Bunch: 25

200 stems

$2.58 per stem

400 or more stems

$2.42 per stem



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There’s no limit to the types of floral arrangements you can create when you use these beautiful blizzard roses from Blooms by the Box. Each one features a pure white color along with a creamy-colored center, which makes them pair perfectly with any other florals. You’ll love that, in addition to being fresh, high-quality and beautiful, these bulk white roses also come at an affordable price. Buying blizzard roses at wholesale prices makes it easy to stick to your budget while still hosting an elegant affair.

Our specialty farm direct program allows you to purchase bulk roses at an extremely affordable price. All bulk roses are harvested, prepped and packaged in Ecuador and shipped directly to your door with FedEx International Express Service. Bulk rose orders cannot be canceled or modified within the 8 days of the requested delivery date. Please call or inquire with any questions.

If ordering a large quantity of roses in advance, consider our bulk rose category for price breaks. If ordering roses needed right away, order from our in-stock roses category.

Stems/Bunch: 25
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 20" stems with 2"-2.5" flowers
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $
Suggestions: Combine them with greenery and other neutral tones for a trendy bridal bouquet, or add darker flowers to create a high-contrast centerpiece that’s especially eye-catching.

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