• Peony & Lilac Freeze Dried Flower Petals

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Peony & Lilac Blend Petals (30 Cups)

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Scatter a dusting of springtime color with our premium peony and lilac blend freeze-dried petals. These biodegradable, non-staining and non-slippery petals are the ultimate detail for your wedding, special event or floral décor. Our petals are freeze dried at the height of the flowers’ blooms, so you can expect each petal to be delicately colorful.

Quantity: Each 30-cup bag contains approximately 35-45 petals per cup

Suggestions: Sprinkle around votive candles, fresh-cut flowers or centerpieces for a fresh, unique tabletop display. Dust the aisle with our peony and lilac blend freeze-dried flowers prior to the bridal procession. These colorful petals are gorgeous any time of year.


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