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DIY Video: Blooms Rustic Romantic Wildflower Pack

Blooms Rustic Romantic Wildflower Pack

Using some of the flowers from our Blooms Intimate Backyard Party Wildflower Pack we made a simple rustic wedding centerpiece that will be perfect for your DIY Wedding flowers.

  1. Get two jars or vases, different heights and sizes contribute to the rustic or vintage look.
  2. Cut all the daisy stems to about the same length so they make a nice rounded shape in a mason jar. Add raffia to the jar for the rustic look.
  3. Cut tall flowers for the skinnier for the two vases.
  4. Make two arrangements with one flower type in each vase. Keeping things simple will save you on your big day. Use greens to fluff them up a little more.
  5. Place a couple different vases with different flowers in the center of a table for a completed look!

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