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Tropical Wedding Flowers

Bring summer to any get together with tropical flowers. They make for show-stopping arrangements and bouquets. The variety of textures in these tropical flowers and greens blend flawlessly for wonderous displays. Beach or dessert weddings make perfect backdrops for these tropical beauties.

These wild and exotic flowers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any of your tropical needs. Bright, beautiful blooms bring any event to life and give the tropical flare using any type of flower in a shocking pop of color.

Blooms by the box is your one stop shop for making your event come to life with florals and greens. Shop our selection of tropical flowers and greens here and don’t forget any supplies you might need.


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Dagger Fern Greens

From $15.04 / bunch

Jade Palm Greens

From $9.68 / bunch

Monstera Greens

From $38.08 / bunch

Podocarpus Greens

From $24.16 / bunch

Sago Palm Greens

From $27.63 / bunch

Spray Rose Hot Pink

From $21.26 / bunch

Spray Rose Orange

From $21.26 / bunch

Spray Rose Yellow

From $21.26 / bunch

Anthurium Green

From $11.06 / stem

Anthurium Red

From $12.60 / stem

Anthurium White Flower

From $11.06 / stem

Ginger Red

From $7.84 / stem


From $21.14 / bunch

Ti Leaves Black Magic

From $14.70 / bunch

Ti Leaves Green

From $14.70 / bunch

Xanadu Philodendron Greens

Xanadu Philodendron Greens

From $21.12 / bunch

Protea Blushing Bride Flowers

Protea Blushing Bride Flowers

From $56.00 / bunch