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Festival Wedding Flowers

Festival wedding flowers are indicative of celebratory events, carnivals and parties where everything seems larger than life — more vivid, more vibrant and bubbling over with excitement. Blooms by the Box has helped capture the feeling that goes along with the best things in life: The love of our friends and families, and the events that bring us together for jubilant bashes that stay with us in our memories, long after the events have ended.

Our wholesale festival flowers are full of color and fun — ravishing reds, oranges, blue and yellows wedding flowers as well as eye-popping purples abound in this collection and provide bursts of color to arrangements, tabletops and centerpieces. Weddings, special events, parties and other occasions are ideal for these dramatic, yet accessible flowers. Choose from Gerbera daisies, garden roses, delphiniums, mums, Matsumoto asters, carnations and more.

Blooms by the Box is your go-to source for fresh-cut wedding flowers that are delivered right to your door. For all of your DIY floral arrangement needs — from the flowers to the tools, containers and embellishments — you can count on us to have what you need to create something spectacular!

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Hybrid Delphinium Purple

From $29.15 / bunch

Golden Solidago

From $15.75 / bunch

Gerbera Daisy Red

From $3.05 / stem

Gerbera Daisy Yellow

From $3.05 / stem

Curly Willow Tips

From $18.65 / bunch

Horse Tail Greenery

From $16.80 / bunch

Sago Palm Greens

From $27.63 / bunch

Sword Fern Greenery

From $18.08 / bunch

Tepee Greens

From $17.20 / bunch

Hypericum Green

From $19.14 / bunch

Hypericum Pink

From $21.90 / bunch

Hypericum Red Berries

From $24.65 / bunch

Iris Purple

From $22.27 / bunch

Purple Larkspur Flower

From $28.08 / bunch

Craspedia Billy Balls

From $15.59 / bunch

Dianthus Green Trick

From $28.70 / bunch

Dianthus Purple

From $15.82 / bunch

Dianthus Red

From $21.52 / bunch

Liatris Purple

From $21.52 / bunch

Pink Ranunculus Flower

From $32.20 / bunch

Yellow Ranunculus Flower

From $32.20 / bunch

Rose Cherry O 40 cm.

From $1.06 / stem

Rose Hot Pink 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Orange 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Pink Floyd 50cm

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Tara 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Voodoo 50cm

From $1.33 / stem

Spray Rose Hot Pink

From $21.26 / bunch

Ginger Red

From $7.84 / stem


From $21.14 / bunch

Blooms DIY Holiday Pack

Blooms DIY Holiday Pack

From $167.08 each

Assorted Hybrid Poppy (12 Bunches)

Assorted Hybrid Poppy (12 Bunches)

From $199.68 / box

Cockscomb Orange

Cockscomb Orange

From $18.81 / bunch

Pink Cockscomb Flowers

Pink Cockscomb Flowers

From $18.81 / bunch