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Whether you are creating wildflower bouquets for a special event or you are creating DIY wedding flowers, it’s easy to create striking floral displays when you incorporate larkspur flowers. By shopping for wholesale larkspur flowers at Blooms by the Box, you’ll also be able to save big on these lush, colorful flowers!

Larkspur Flower Meaning

Like so many flowers, the larkspur flower meaning holds a lot of uplifting and joyous sentiments, including first love, a sweet disposition, affection, pure heart, a desire for laughter and a happy-go-lucky nature. Larkspur flowers bloom from early spring until late summer, making them popular floral choices for springtime and warm-weather festivities. It is a member of the buttercup family and is closely related to delphiniums.

Larkspur as a Wedding Flower

Larkspur is a stylish and classically popular wedding flower due to the vertical blooms along the long stems, which add height and interest to bouquets, tabletops and arrangements. This results in dramatic and eye-catching displays and creations with a lot of fabulous texture and volume. Plus, larkspur flowers make it easy to complete DIY wedding flower projects because the stems can simply be placed in a tall vase. Whether you are hoping to achieve whimsical looks or traditional floral designs, the larkspur flower can help you create the floral arrangement of your dreams.

Great Prices on Larkspur Flowers

If you’d like to add these delicate and beautiful flowers to your wedding or event arrangements, be sure to order them from Blooms by the Box. Our wholesale larkspur plants for sale feature fantastic prices, which allows you to easily stick to your budget. We make it easy at Blooms by the Box by giving you the option to purchase flowers by the stem, bunch or box. This allows you to customize your order to your unique needs.


Larkspur Flower Colors

Larkspur is available in a lovely variety of colors. Choose larkspur flowers in lavender, purple, white and pink. These versatile beauties complement endless other blooms and are a popular choice for creating rustic bouquets. They also look gorgeous when grouped on their own in different colors and assembled in a tall vase.

Larkspur Flower Care

It’s easy to keep these gorgeous flowers happy and healthy for many days. When you receive your larkspur flowers, trim the bottom of the stems at an angle while they are underwater to properly rehydrate them.

Recondition them every two to three days with fresh water and floral food, carefully trimming away any leaves that fall below the water line. Remember to keep them in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.




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Larkspur White Flower

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