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Wholesale Whimsical Flowers for Weddings

It’s a fanciful summer day’s tea-party picnic in a flower-filled meadow as the birds chirp happily in the trees. It’s lying under weeping willow, looking for shapes in the passing clouds as an old tire swing creaks, moved by the gentle breeze. This dreamy, happy sentiment is captured within our whimsical wedding flowers collection. Add these fabulous blooms to your fresh-cut flourishes. Browse our selections of these gorgeous, whimsical wedding flower choices to find the ones that are perfect for your décor, style and motif.

Our whimsical-style flowers come in all colors and textures — there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are putting together arrangements, centerpieces or bouquets that are modern, classic, traditional or rustic, our whimsical wedding flowers will fit the bill for a wide range of styles. From roses, sweet peas, dianthus, gerbera daisies and more to diverse flower packs that we have specially created to bring you the absolute perfect pairings, you’ll find exactly what you need to create a stunning fresh-cut floral display that will impress and delight.

These gorgeous whimsical wedding flowers are farm-fresh and delivered straight to your door for your big day. Whether you are seeking wedding flowers or flowers for a special occasion, party or a fundraiser, Blooms by the Box is your go-to for premium-quality selections that will exceed your expectations. 

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