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Looking for a pop of color and texture to add to your arrangements? Look no further than Blooms by the Box’s wholesale scabiosa selection! Scabiosa has traditionally symbolized admiration, and we certainly adore these rustic cuties. Some blooms will come with delicate petals, while others will arrive with only the green, pincushion buds. This makes them the perfect flower for any rustic backyard DIY event, a laid-back wedding, or whimsical tea party! 
One of the things that scabiosa has to offer is its unique shape and style – with a little bit of personality as well. Their tall, slim stems and frilly blooms have a mind of their own, so don’t expect them the stay where you put them! All types of scabiosa are incredibly versatile flowers. They can either be the star of the show on their own in a DIY bouquet, or take a backseat and beautifully complement wholesale eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and ranunculus! Blooms by the Box’s economical scabiosa bulk color packs will be a favorite with the budget-conscious bride or DIY event planner.


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