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Blue Flowers for Weddings, Events and More


Find dark blue and light blue flowers, including hydrangeas, irises and spray-tinted blue blossoms that will help you achieve a more vibrant, eye-catching shade that stands out in a crowd. Our spray-tinted blue flowers feature a truly unique and long-lasting two-toned dimension that you simply cannot find in nature. With that being said, naturally-occurring blues are surely a treat to behold, and come in a wide range of gorgeous hues, all available from Blooms by the Box. Whether you’re in the market for blooms for your all-blue flower bouquets or need light blue flowers for weddings, baby showers and more, you’ll find it here.

Blue flowers carry a wide range of connotations, from calming worries and igniting peace to celebrating openness and serenity. Most blue blossoms have their own unique symbolism — for example, blue roses are said to send a message that you find your lover mysterious and intriguing, a fun and romantic sentiment to give your betrothed on your special day.

Popular types of blue flowers include: hydrangea, delphinium, irises, cornflowers and thistle.