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Fragrant Flowers


Stop and smell the roses. And the freesia, lavender, Asiatic lilies, gardenias and the eucalyptus too! Choose from our selection of fragrant flowers and experience an olfactory explosion that will get your senses tingling. Fill your venue with the delicate scent of our most fragrant and aromatic floral selections at Blooms by the Box. Mix and match your favorite scents, colors and textures for a natural potpourri of delight that is guaranteed to enrapture and intrigue.

These wholesale fragrant floral selections are ideal for weddings, special events, parties or other occasions during any season. Create your perfect DIY arrangement from these fragrant flowers; fill oodles of containers with sweet-smelling blooms that possess the best scents that Mother Nature has given us. From spicy to citrusy, our fragrant flowers gather the best natural perfume available and are guaranteed to create an effect that won’t disappoint!

For over 20 years, Blooms by the Box has provided premium-quality, fresh-cut flowers for DIY flower arrangements, tabletop décor and centerpieces for a wide variety of special events and occasions for thousands upon thousands of customers. We have everything you need to create something amazing, colorful and fragrant. Browse our fantastic selection of aromatic flowers to find the selections that you are looking for and create something perfect and unique.