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Wholesale Freesia Flowers


Are you looking to buy some delightfully dramatic florals for your wedding without paying sky-high florist prices? If so, you should consider our wholesale freesia fresh-cut flowers from Blooms by the Box. We have freesia flowers for sale in a fantastic selection of colors to ensure that any bride or event planner can find something that fits his or her preferred color scheme, style and theme. Meanwhile, the amazingly affordable prices make it possible to stock up on bulk freesia flowers without breaking the bank or the budget.

Freesia Meaning

Freesia bouquets symbolize innocence, thoughtfulness, trust, sweetness and friendship. This sweet, delicate flower encourages meaningful bonds between people. This meaning makes them very popular for wedding bouquets and arrangements; they are common choices for wedding flowers all over the world. Their sweet citrus scent does not overpower, even in a boutonniere.

The Popular Freesia Flower

Freesia bouquet wedding flowers are undeniably on-trend, thanks to their delicate yet dynamic look. The unique horizontal blooms add incredible volume and texture to any bouquet, centerpiece or altar arrangement. Meanwhile, the elegant shape brings a soft, romantic feel to your venue. You can’t go wrong with wholesale freesia flowers, especially when you order them from Blooms by the Box. Pick your perfect freesia flowers to get same-day shipping so you can add a DIY touch to these naturally gorgeous blooms.