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2015 was a big year for Pantone shade No. 18-1438. That was the year the industry’s leading color toner named it as its Color of the Year. While graphic designers and artists are probably familiar with that number, you know the color better as marsala, a bright, earthy red that offers a lighter shade of burgundy, or a crimson that doesn’t look like a sports team’s color.

Named for the fortified wine of Marsala in Sicily, marsala as a color is perfect for romance. Called a “subtly seductive” shade, its warmth is alluring, tasteful and enchanting. If you want your bouquets and centerpieces to really stand out, consider choosing any of these DIY marsala wedding flowers from Blooms by the Box.

This rich color is easily one of the most popular Pantone shades — way before it was the Color of the Year in 2015 — making it perfectly on-trend for your hip and stylish event. With a deep red hue, it’s also incredibly romantic and an ideal fit for weddings, particularly in the fall and winter. They work for more than just weddings, however:

  • Anniversary gatherings or vow renewals look lovely with the rich hue of marsala.
  • Throwing a food-based fundraiser? Marsala table displays will greatly enhance the culinary artistry of the entrees, and attendees will thrill at the chance to win one of the displays as a door prize.
  • Of course, Valentine’s Day events will be greatly enhanced by this wonderful hue. Let the kids have pink and red for their parties at school: When it’s time for elegant romance, this color is perfect.