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Wholesale Novelty Flowers

Novelty DIY Flower Bunches

Our wholesale novelty flowers at Blooms by the Box add color and character to your DIY wedding flowers. These easy-to-work-with flowers are a unique way to add sparkle and fun to your do-it-yourself bouquets for weddings, fundraisers or special events. From unexpected and downright funky to romantic and whimsical, our wholesale novelty flower bunches will add fullness, interest and texture to bouquets or centerpieces.

A Novelty Flower for Any Season

Let your imagination run wild with our large selection of novelty fresh-cut flower bunches. Whether you have a summer, winter, spring or fall event, we have the wholesale novelty flower options that will make your event one of a kind. Choose from seasonal selections that reflect the colors of the season. Whether you are looking for a wild, colorful spray of wildflowers for a spring or summer event, or an earthy, muted tone that autumn ushers in, our novelty flower bunches will live up to your expectations again and again.

Novelty Flowers: Create the Unexpected

What makes novelty flowers fun? They add a pop of unexpected fun to your DIY flower arrangements, creating a festive look that puts your flower bunches over the top. Whether they add a unique color, scent or texture, our selection of novelty flowers can add a little extra magic to your bouquets.

Floral Trends

Novelty flowers are not just synonymous with trendy, avant garde floral looks; they add an interesting focal point that communicates your personality and your joie de vivre. Novelty flowers can nestle themselves into modern floral schemes. They can also feel just as home in a whimsical, charming motif. A bolder “statement” flower can be paired with muted greens or more classic flower choices for an interesting, unexpected look.

Novelty Flowers for all Occasions

Our novelty flower selection is available throughout the year. They come freshly cut in the height of their blooms, delivered to your door just in time for your big event, wedding, fundraiser or special occasion. Whether you choose bold novelty floral bunches or full, gorgeous blooms full of tried-and-true classic choices, you won’t be disappointed in the wholesale novelty flowers from Blooms by the Box.


How to Care for Novelty Flowers

Instructions vary. Many of our novelty flowers require special care. Visit our care page for specific information of flowers such as daffodils and hyacinths, plus general information on caring for your cut flowers.


Novelty Flower Meanings

Allium – Good fortune, prosperity, unity

Cosmos – Peace, tranquility, order

Cornflower – Hope, love, delicacy

Daffodil – Unrequited love, good wishes, chivalry

Hyacinth – Playfulness, enduring love, rebirth

Lavender – Devotion, love, peace

Pussy Willow – Motherhood, protection, home

Yarrow – Healing, inspiration, concern

Types of Novelty Flowers

Novelty flowers give the sense of something a little wild. Pair up some green hypericum with striking flowers like blue agapanthus and allium. Astilbe, broom corn, celosia, cockscomb, cornflower and dianthus all have that feeling of just being picked from a wildflower field. Craspedia bill balls look like they’ve just jumped out of a children’s book, thistle, veronica and yarrow may be considered weeds in some places, but in our stock room, they’re gorgeous additions to any bouquet. Browse our selection for even more!

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