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Classic/Traditional Flowers

The traditional classic wedding flower collection that we’ve handpicked at Blooms by the Box are chock full of our favorite floral selections that have stood the test of time. These wholesale blossoms are on the top of just about every bride-to-be’s list for its classic wedding flowers and feature tissue-soft petals, long lines, delicate blooms and soft scents that are guaranteed to come together perfectly for arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets of stunning beauty.

Choose from soft or bold colors, varying textures and variations that will surprise and delight. From the vibrant colors of purples, pinks and yellows that are reminiscent of wildflowers, to creamy white themes of roses, ranunculus and freesia, our classically traditional flower collection has something that everyone will like! DIY floral arrangements have never been easier with these fresh-cut and fabulous classic wedding style flowers, delivered directly to your door.

Purchase bulk flowers for amazing prices from Blooms by the Box, your go-to source for always-beautiful, always-perfect flowers that will exceed your expectations. We have all of your floral arrangements needs covered: From the very best in fresh flowers to the florist tools, containers, vases and supplies you need to arrange your blooms just the way you want them, browse our huge selection of products that will make your special event flower dreams come true.

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