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Wholesale Bulk White Flowers

Whether you want a stunning all white bouquet or you want to set off brightly colored flowers with a soft, neutral tone, these wholesale bulk white flowers from Blooms by the Box are the perfect fit for your special event. Due to their ability to be paired with absolutely any other color, fresh white flowers are a top pick for all kinds of occasions, especially weddings. Brides simply can’t go wrong when they incorporate white flowers into their special day, especially since they match perfectly with a white dress. White is often associated with innocence and reverence, but to us, they do one thing above all: evoke beauty. These white luxurious, silky white flowers certainly convey a sense of elegance and romance, which is why they’re often used in weddings.

Kinds of White Flowers

  • Baby's Breath
  • Carnations
  • Hydrangea
  • Daisies
  • Snapdragons
  • Mums
  • Roses
  • Garden Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Freesia
  • Lily
Because so many flowers are available in white, it’s easy to stick to any style or theme while going with this neutral, soft tone. Open-cut calla lilies, orchids and garden roses are ultra-luxurious and utterly romantic. Meanwhile, you can create a whimsical, natural look by incorporating white gypsophila or Queen Anne’s lace into any bouquet or flower arrangement. White wedding flowers go with every setting and season, whether you’re going for a snow-white rose bouquet complemented by fragrant evergreens or are having a sophisticated outdoor summer affair featuring all-white wedding flowers. Plus, white filler flowers — especially affordable white gypsophila (baby’s breath) — are ubiquitous in many wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

We also have the world’s best collection of fresh-cut wholesale white roses at Blooms by the Box. Available in many styles and sizes, these decadent white blossoms make utterly perfect wedding flowers. White is also an excellent option for the bridal shower, baby shower or any laid-back garden party. If you want to simplify your flower purchase, check out our white wedding flower packs that incorporate complementary flowers and colors to help take the guesswork out of your purchase. Make sure to stop by the Blooms by the Box Blooms Blog to get in-depth resources and tutorials about using crisp, white flowers.

Thanks to our close relationship with the farmers who grow these flowers, Blooms by the Box is able to source the freshest flowers while keeping our prices well within the budget-friendly range. If you’re a DIY or professional planner who left things until the last minute, then no need to worry — we offer same-day shipment so that your blooms can arrive as soon as possible. If you’d like some input on how to create a beautiful arrangement or want to know more about our shipping and packing process, give our helpful customer service team a call by phone at 855-BUY-BLOOMS (855-289-2566).

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Queen Anne's Lace Flower

From $22.10 / bunch

Statice White Flower

From $19.80 / bunch

Trachelium White Flower

From $22.65 / bunch

Hypericum White Flowers

From $19.14 / bunch

Kale White Flower

From $5.18 / stem

Larkspur White Flower

From $28.08 / bunch

Rose Blizzard 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Eskimo 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Mondial 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose Tibet 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Rose White 50 cm.

From $1.33 / stem

Spray Rose White

From $21.26 / bunch

Stock White Flower

From $19.55 / bunch

Anthurium White Flower

From $11.06 / stem

Tulip White Flower

From $22.89 / bunch

Anemone White W/ Green Eye Flower (50 Stems)

Anemone White W/ Green Eye Flower (50 Stems)

From $108.30 / box

Blooms DIY Holiday Pack

Blooms DIY Holiday Pack

From $167.08 each

Lily Of The Valley Flowers

Lily Of The Valley Flowers

From $142.50 / bunch

Peony SINGLE Color Flower Pack (60 Stems)

Peony SINGLE Color Flower Pack (60 Stems)

From $345.00 each

Peony White Flower

Peony White Flower

From $60.50 / bunch