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It’s no surprise to see more and more brides choosing hydrangeas for their weddings. The way they grow on bushes practically looks like a wedding bouquet! Of all the wholesale flowers we offer at Blooms by the Box, hydrangeas are always some of the most popular, because of the lush colors, large petals and wide availability.

Hydrangeas make perfect flowers for dreamy wedding decorations: While most varieties are white, some come in lovely shades of blue, red, pink and purple. We even have enchanting green varieties, including a mojito green that looks bright and refreshing. The white varieties can be easily spray-tinted into many other wonderful colors. These wonderful flowers are available from Blooms by the Box all year round.

Are you dreaming of lush, romantic florals for your wedding? If so, check out our selection of hydrangea bulk packages. By purchasing hydrangea flowers wholesale, you’ll save so much over the costs of a traditional florist. Meanwhile, the voluminous blooms of these delicate flowers make for a stunning display on your reception tables or a textured look that can be incorporated into bridal bouquets.


There are so many ways to incorporate hydrangeas into your wedding or shower. Contact us by email or phone, and we’ll be happy to share ideas we’ve seen in our more than 20 years of business. Our staff of experts loves talking to customers about flowers!

If you’re a DIY bride or event planner, you won’t mind purchasing wholesale flowers for your event. After all, bulk hydrangeas are extremely easy to work with. Plus, Blooms by the Box offers a number of hydrangea colors and sizes to meet your needs. We even have spray-tinted hydrangea flowers so you can match your floral arrangements to your unique color scheme. Our team is always monitoring market and growing conditions to ensure we deliver the finest wholesale flowers for your event.

Make your wedding look like a magazine spread with the help of these stylish and romantic wholesale hydrangeas from Blooms by the Box.



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