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Chrysanthemums are one of the world’s most popular flowers. They come in a huge variety of different styles and colors. They also have a lot of meaning attached to them, making them very popular for use in floral arrangements. In general, chrysanthemums symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy and a long life. In particular, red mums symbolize love, white mums stand for truth and loyal love and yellow mums stand for slighted love. The name chrysanthemum is derived from two Greek words which translate to “golden flower”.

Blooms by the Box offers chrysanthemums in a wide range of different varieties. These varieties include Cremon Mums, which look like large daisies. Cushion Pompon Mums are slightly smaller and more petal-heavy. Football Mums have petals that curl up toward the sky, making the blossoms look round. Pompon Button Mums are smaller, rounder and fluffier looking. Pompon Daisy Mums look like classic daisies and finally, Spider Mums have long, thin petals that stretch out wide in all directions.