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Industrial Wedding Flowers

An instant classic, industrial chic weddings have so much character and bring so much to life in simplicities. Think a large warehouse space with white walls bursting with greenery in different textures and shades. Colors for industrial themes tend to be muted or white.

Industrial flowers can be pulled off at any time of year using any type of flowers available. It lends itself to a more “green” wedding using in season flowers and lush greenery which is available all year around.

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Amaranthus Hanging Red

From $35.04 / bunch

Bear Grass

From $8.60 / bunch

Curly Willow Tips

From $15.51 / bunch

Dagger Fern Greens

From $15.04 / bunch

Huck Greens

From $18.08 / bunch

Israeli Ruscus Green

From $67.45 / bunch

Italian Ruscus Green

From $16.80 / bunch

Ivy Green

From $27.20 / bunch

Ivy Variegated Greenery

From $25.92 / bunch

Jade Palm Greens

From $9.68 / bunch

Lemon Leaf Greenery

From $21.45 / bunch

Lily Grass Green

From $6.48 / bunch

Magnolia Tips Greenery

From $24.16 / bunch

Ming Fern Greens

From $24.16 / bunch

Myrtle Greens

From $21.12 / bunch

Nageia Nagi Greenery

From $21.12 / bunch

Olive Branch Greenery

From $19.78 / bunch

Sword Fern Greenery

From $18.08 / bunch

Tree Fern Greenery

From $11.36 / bunch

Hypericum Green

From $19.14 / bunch

Hypericum White Flowers

From $19.14 / bunch

Kale Green

From $5.18 / stem

Kale White Flower

From $6.02 / stem

Eucalyptus Naked Seeded Greenery

Eucalyptus Naked Seeded Greenery

From $27.20 / bunch

Xanadu Philodendron Greens

Xanadu Philodendron Greens

From $21.12 / bunch

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