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While not all filler flowers have meaning, some carry even more symbolism than the “stars of the show”. Knowing the symbolism behind the greenery in your arrangements will give your event just that much more meaning. For example, Bells of Ireland is a plant with a long stem and bell-shaped blooms that is said to symbolize luck. Velvety soft Dusty Miller represents happiness and delicacy. Queen Anne’s Lace features delicate clusters of tiny white flowers and stands for magic, trust and healing. The tiny funnel-shaped flowers of Statice have many meanings, including lasting beauty, success, fond memories, remembrance and sympathy. 

To care for a mixed bouquet of flowers that includes flower fillers, begin by cutting all of the stems at a 45-degree angle and stripping any foliage that might sit below the waterline to prevent rotting. Place the bouquet in a vase that has been filled with room-temperature water and cut flower food. Change the water out every other day or as needed. Keep the flowers in a cool area without direct sunlight, drafts or heat. Look for more specific care instructions if your mixed bouquet contains flowers that you suspect may be more temperamental and need special care.

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Bells Of Ireland Flowers

From $25.50 / bunch

Brunia Silver Flower

From $39.75 / bunch

Bupleurum Flower

From $19.80 / bunch

Cotton Stems

From $20.80 / bunch

Golden Solidago

From $14.10 / bunch


From $22.95 / bunch

Lavender Dried Flower

From $24.16 / bunch

Limonium Pink Flowers

From $22.61 / bunch

Limonium White Flowers

From $18.49 / bunch

Queen Anne's Lace Flower

From $22.10 / bunch

Statice Lavender Flowers

From $18.60 / bunch

Statice Pink Flowers

From $16.95 / bunch

Statice Purple Flowers

From $16.95 / bunch

Statice White Flower

From $19.80 / bunch

Trachelium Green

From $25.50 / bunch

Trachelium White Flower

From $25.50 / bunch

Wax Flower Pink

From $24.96 / bunch

Wax Flower Purple

From $24.96 / bunch

Wax Flower White

From $27.24 / bunch

Millet Green

Millet Green

From $19.80 / bunch

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