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Snapdragon Flowers- Bulk/Wholesale

Do you love flowers with vertical blooms that reach up long stems? At Blooms by the Box, we offer affordable snapdragon flowers at wholesale prices to make your floral visions into a reality. Perfect for Pinterest-worthy weddings and other lovely events, snapdragons offer the hip look of natural wildflowers with the elegance that measures up to many of the more classic flower options. These blooms are a great way to blend those two themes together while also creating bouquets and centerpieces with plenty of volume, texture and character.

Our selection of these eye-catching flowers includes a range of colors to meet any décor needs. You’ll find burgundy, lavender, orange and white snapdragons in our collection, to name a few. Best of all, we keep them completely fresh so you can order in bulk but still receive your flowers the very next day. Order these gorgeous bulk snapdragons for your next big event and you’ll love the result.


How to Care for Snapdragons

Fill a vase with at least four inches of water. Prepare flower food according to instructions. Remove any leaves that will be below the water line to avoid decomposition, which leads to foul-smelling and cloudy water. Hold the stems underwater and cut them diagonally to the desired height. If they are the correct height, trim the stems a slight amount anyway to refresh the stem tip so it can absorb water better. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures. Change water every 24 hours. Visit our care page for more information.

Popular Snapdragon Colors

Snapdragons come in several lovely colors. Some of our favorites include the burgundy, which is lush and rich like a glass of red wine. Our deep purple can add a great contrast to your next arrangement, or take the lighter route for a softer effect with lavender. Yellow and orange snapdragons produce a sunny brightness in any bouquet, instantly bringing a sense of joy and happiness to anyone who sees them. White and pink will make anyone blush, which is ideal for a romantic arrangement that shows you care. Snapdragons pair well with pink hypericum. 

Snapdragon Meaning

The snapdragon symbolizes grace and strength under pressure, due to its ability to grow in craggy areas. Some cultures believe it symbolizes deviousness as well. In Victorian times, it was used to express an apology.

Types of Snapdragons

You’ll find snapdragons in Spain, North Africa and North America. They can range from 5 inches to three feet tall and are also known as “lion’s mouth,” “calf’s snout” and “toad’s mouth.” There are roughly 40 species of snapdragons in the Antirrhinums genus.

Blooms by the Box works directly with the best farmers in the world to source snapdragons that will bring you joy and add beauty to any event. We pick, pack and ship the flowers as carefully as possible and then offer next-day delivery service via FedEx International Express Service to ensure that they arrive on your doorstep in premium condition and ready to be turned into jaw-dropping arrangements. If you have any questions about our shipping process or anything else, please contact our customer service team by phone at 855-BUY-BLOOMS (855-289-2566). 




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