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Floral Containers

Whatever the theme or style is for your wedding, party or special event, has the perfect flowers and floral containers to complete the look. These discount floral containers are only cheap in price. They’re expertly crafted from the highest quality materials, in styles that include rustic, classic and contemporary. Choose from boxes, buckets, dishes, vases, urns, dishes, bowls and various shapes and sizes of containers.

Our floral vases and containers are designed to bring out the beauty of our freshly cut flowers. There are both decorative containers and more practical containers for transporting and rehydrating your wholesale flowers and arrangements. These professional grade florist containers are ideal for DIY brides and event planners. If you’re looking for bulk floral containers for a corporate event or special occasion, you’ll be happy to see that we offer these containers at low wholesale prices to match the low prices of our flowers. Choose from different colors including gold and silver. They can also be spray painted, if needed. Design your own table centerpieces without spending a lot of money.

We ship our floral supplies from New Jersey by UPS Ground, with shipment time ranging from 1 to 5 days. If you have any questions about our wholesale flower containers or shipping, please call us at (908) 791-0487 or (855) BUY-BLOOMS.


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Birch Containers

Birch Square Vase 4.75

Birch Square Vase 4.75"

From $5.25 each


Corsage Boxes (Clear) 8x5x4

Corsage Boxes (Clear) 8x5x4

From $59.78 / case

Corsage Boxes (Clear) 9x5x4

Corsage Boxes (Clear) 9x5x4

From $64.49 / case


Design Dishes

Dishes & Bowls

Galvanized Containers

Hanging Containers

Hobnail Vases


4"x 8" White Hobnail Jar

From $3.45 / Vase


4"x5.75" White Hobnail Jar

From $2.78 / Vase

Modern Vases

Zinc Norah Vase 5

Zinc Norah Vase 5" by 5"

From $5.99 each

Rustic Accents

Rustic Containers

Woodland Planter 6

Woodland Planter 6"x6"x6"

From $10.04 / Cont

Woodland Planter 7

Woodland Planter 7" Square

From $12.00 / Cont

Rustic Vases

Natural Willow Vase 7

Natural Willow Vase 7"

From $6.30 each


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