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DIY Video: How To Make a Carnation Pomander

How To Make a Carnation Pomander

Blooms By The Box shows you how easy it is to DIY your wedding flowers! This video shows you how to create a modern pomander ball with some floral jewelry! Order Oasis Foam Sphere 3" (netted or without nets), 25 stems of carnations, ribbon, and floral jewelery to create this arrangement all on your own! This is such a money saver!

  1. Purchase 3" inch floral foam spheres and carnations. You will need about 25-30 carnation stems to cover the 3" in sphere's surface.
  2. Soak floral foam in water to provide carnations with hydration.
  3. If you are using a netted sphere you can tie a bow to one end to create a handle on the pomander. If you are using floral foam without the net you can wrap ribbon around the sphere, criss-cross it and pin it to create your very own handle.
  4. Cut the carnations down to leave about 2"-3" of stem
  5. Place Carnations into the floral foam so they are touching, make sure there is no floral foam seen between the carnations.
  6. Use your fingers to fluff and spread the carnation petals before placing in the foam, this will help you use each carnation to cover the most foam possible.
  7. After you have finished covering your pomander you will have your complete look.

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