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DIY Video: Blooms DIY Flower Arranging Starter Kit

Blooms DIY Flower Arranging Starter Kit

Wondering how to make the imperfectly shaped wildflower bouquet? Wonder no longer! Watch this video to see it all step by step:

  1. Start by creating a base of wildflowers. Grab a stem of spray daisies and spray roses to start the center of the bouquet. Secure the flowers with floral tape.
  2. Continue to secure your flowers with floral tape every time you add 3-4 stems of flowers.
  3. Keep in mind that you do not have to create a perfectly round shape in the rustic bouquets. Oddly shaped fillers in the bouquet such as bupleurum will help you create the rustic shape.
  4. Create a pattern of textures and colors with the variety of flowers in the wildflower pack.
  5. Surround the edges of the bouquet with some greens and tall flowers that will add a finishing touch to the outer edges.
  6. Wrap the bouquet with floral tape.
  7. Choose ribbon that matches your wedding color scheme and make a bouquet wrap.

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