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DIY Video: How To Make A Boutonniere

How To Make A Boutonniere

A great way to make a boutonniere with some edge for a wedding. The billy ball is a trend right now in the flower industry, a great textural floral with attitude! This is a step-by-step teaching you exactly how to make this on your very own!

  1. Take two billy balls, a stem of limonium (or filler that matches your color scheme), and a stem of leather leaf fern (or greenery that matches other arrangements).
  2. Use floral tape to put together the billy balls, and then attach the leather leaf fern and limonium together also using the floral tape.
  3. Cut all the stems the same length and then wrap in floral tape around the whole surface of the stems.
  4. Use ribbon to create a cohesive look with the bouquets and arrangements at the ceremony.
  5. Push corsage pins into the stems and use them to attach it to the groom's and groom's mens' suit jackets.

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