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DIY Video: How To Make a Simple Daisy Centerpiece

How To Make a Simple Daisy Centerpiece

Learn how to make a beautiful wildflower boutonniere with rustic bulk flowers!

  1. You need one stem of delphinium, pittosporum, lavender daisy, and delphinium.
  2. Use the greenery as the background and base of the boutonniere.
  3. Attach a stem of the bright blue delphinium to the greenery with floral tape.
  4. Add the stem of bupleurum and one pompom daisy flower.
  5. Use floral tape to cover all the stems, tear the floral tape at the very bottom.
  6. Use raffia, ribbon, or burlap string to add a rustic touch to the boutonniere stems.
  7. Make sure to tie all knots in the back of the boutonniere so your guests do not see them.

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