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Having a hard time deciding if you want to DIY your flowers because you feel like you don't know enough? Don't worry! This DIY Flower 101 series will ease your anxiety and help you learn the basics for arranging flowers. The truth is, you really can make the flowers you are dreaming up in your head. It's really not as hard as you think. With a little bit of guidance and knowledge you will be able to make flowers for your wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary party, birthday party, family reunion and more.

How to Make a Tall Centerpiece

Here is the step-by-step break down you need to make a tall centerpiece that will make a statement. It is is a great way to add color and warmth to wedding tables. Use roses, hypericum, purple wax flowers, limonium, and leather leaf fern to get the job done!

  1. Purchase wholesale roses, fillers, and greens. Prep and hydrate all the flowers before arranging.
  2. Use a floral foam brick cut it down with a knife to fit the size of your vase or urn. This will hold your flowers in place and help you make a nice shape.
  3. Start by creating a shape. You can do this by placing a focal flower in the center and then creating a shape with your greens that you will fill in with all the others flowers.
  4. Constantly turn the arrangement as you go to make sure you are filling all holes and creating a symmetrical shape. If you continue to keep adding flowers the arrangement will become tighter, fuller, and more beautiful.
  5. Finish up by spraying Floralife leaf shine on the arrangement!

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