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Freeze Dried Flower Petal FAQS

Answers to Your Questions About Ordering Wholesale Flower Petals Online

For many professional and DIY florists, the concept of freeze-dried rose petals is a fairly new one. The complicated process of preserving rose petals in this way has numerous intricate steps that you might be curious to learn more about. If you'd like to know more about the freeze-drying process, what the finished result is, what to expect from your freeze-dried petals and how best to care for them, use our helpful list of frequently asked questions on rose petals below:

How Many Petals Come in a Cup?

Number of petals per cup will vary depending on the variety. The "average" number of petals per cup is 35 - 40 petals.

How Many Cups Should I Get?

For an Aisle, Path, Tabletop or Bed: One cup per square foot for light coverage, two cups per square foot for moderate coverage and three cups per square foot for heavy coverage.

Flower Girl Baskets: Four to six cups per girl.

Wedding Toss: One half cup per guest if using cones or sachets.

Reception Tables: Five to six cups per 60-inch round table, or for light scattering around just the center of the table use three cups or so.

Memorial Service or Funeral Service: One half to two cups per person attending that wishes to honor the spirit of a loved one or friend.

What Does Freeze-Dried Mean?

The process of freeze-drying rose petals takes a great deal of time and effort. After the roses are cut, we allow the roses to open until they are at their peak. Then we pull the petals off one by one, separating the imperfect petals from the premium ones. Finally, the petals are loaded into a freeze drier to be cooled and dried.

The rose petals spend about two weeks in a freeze drier. They are then frozen to about -20 degrees Fahrenheit and a vacuum pump draws all the air out of the drier. The petals then go through a process called sublimation, where this extreme weather condition causes the petals to pass directly from a solid (ice) to a gas (water vapor). Since the petals are able to bypass the liquid stage of water, they remain in the shape it is frozen in without shriveling or decomposing. Lastly, the temperature of the drier is gradually increased to about room temperature over two weeks, ensuring all of the moisture in the petals was removed.

Because the Rose Petals are Freeze-Dried Does This Mean I Have to Put Them in the Freezer or Refrigerator?

No, they are NOT fresh rose petals that are frozen. The "freeze" in the freeze-dried rose petals only refers to the process used to dry the petals. Once they are dry, they should only be stored at room temperature. DO NOT put freeze-dried rose petals in a refrigerator or freezer. Just make sure to store the rose petals out of high heat and humidity.

How Long Will They Last?

Freeze-dried rose petals have a reputation for lasting up to one year; however, we do not suggest you order them this far in advance. For optimum quality, we suggest that you order two to four weeks before your event and store them in a room temperature, dry place.

Will Freeze-Dried Petals Wilt?

Absolutely not! The freeze-drying process ensures that they will not wilt.

Can I Put Them in Water? (i.e. float them)

Although some claim you can submerge or float freeze-dried rose petals, frankly, they just do not do well in water. While they do float, they will also reabsorb water. When this happens, they will discolor and lose their shape. You will eventually be left with soggy, shapeless petals.

The question is whether they will hold up long enough. If you wait until the last minute to put them in water and they remain undisturbed, the petals can look good for hours. But if you let them sit in water for a long time, they obviously will turn soggy much quicker. The best thing to do if you want to use them in water is to test run a sample first to see if you get your desired effect.

Can They be Used Outdoors?


When Should I Order My Freeze-Dried Rose Petals?

We suggest you order them for delivery two to four weeks prior to use.

Are the Petals So Dry That They Will Break/Crumble?

Not at all. Just because they are "freeze-dried" does not mean that they will crumble. Some rose petals may be "drier" than others because of size, but most petals will be pliable. The freeze-drying process ensures that the petals still retain some of their softness.

Can I Soften the Freeze-Dried Rose Petals So They are Like Fresh Again?

While they will not become as soft as a fresh rose petal, they can reabsorb some moisture and become slightly softer and more pliable. The easiest way to soften the petals is to place them in a bathroom while taking a shower. The steam helps to bring back the original texture of fresh petals and will sometimes brighten the color.

To some degree, the longer the freeze-dried rose petals are exposed to the moisture, the softer they will get. However, keep in mind that too much moisture can damage the petals. Remember that they have gone through a complicated process just to get them dry. For most uses, such as table decoration and/or aisles, softening is not necessary.

What if I Have Other Questions?

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