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Myrtle Bulk

This item is sold by the bunch in multiples of 20.

20 or more bunches

$19.32 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

Also known as: Common Myrtle & Long Myrtle

Myrtle is a perfect green filler to add height and lush volume to any do-it-yourself floral arrangement. This lovely greenery features woody stems covered in small, almond-shaped leaves. The dark green foliage and stems give off a pleasant lemony scent when cut.  This leafy filler is easy to handle and arrange and is very versatile. This makes it an excellent choice for any rustic DIY bouquets or centerpieces.

Myrtle is a symbol of love and is a Hebrew symbol of marriage. This greenery is an ideal filler green for wedding bouquets, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and floral arrangements.