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DIY Video: How to Make a Bouquet with Poppies

How to Make a Bouquet with Poppies

Quick and easy tutorial to learn how to make a bouquet with poppies. In this tutorial, we used huck as our greenery, white majolica spray roses, and poppies. The asymmetry of this bouquet makes it easy to play around with and it is a great size for a bridesmaid bouquet.

How many flowers do I need to make this Bridesmaid Bouquet?

  1. 9 Stems of Poppies
  2. 3 Stems of Spray Roses
  3. 8-9 Stems of Huck

What floral supplies do I need to make this Bouquet?

  1. Floral Tape
  2. Bouquet / Cousage Pins
  3. Floral Shears for trimming your flowers and greens

How do I make a Bridesmaid Bouquet?

  1. Bundle all the stems of the Huck together.
  2. Add 3 stems of spray roses around Huck.
  3. Insert Poppies scatter throughout the roses and Huck.
  4. Tape stems together approximately 3 inches down from the blooms.
  5. Optional- Wrap stems with ribbon.

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