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Once you have made your arrangements and you are ready to head to the wedding venue you will realize you need a safe way to get all your arrangements there. Don't worry! We have a great solution for you. Re-use your box for flower arrangement transportationYour box has a second use (great for being green, reuse!). Use this step-by-step picture tutorial to help you safely transport arrangements. Keep in mind how many arrangements you are making, you may have to run to a local super market and grab some extra boxes like this one, preferably boxes that are not too tall. Shallow boxes will work for the majority of vases!

Trace around the floral arrangement with a highlighterPut the floral arrangement you need to transport on top of the box. Eyeball the cut you need to make in order for the arrangement to fit inside without moving.

Mark the box with a highlighter or pen so you can use a knife or razor to cut a hole in the box to put the arrangement in.

Once you have cut the opening and pulled out the square of cardboard you will now see how the arrangement will be safe and will not move around once it is in the box! Better for your car and for your event arrangements!

Cut a hole for your Floral Arrangement

Place your floral arrangement in the hole

You have secured your floral centerpieces but now you need to figure out a way to keep your bouquets in place.

Choose any old vase you have and add an inch of water to the bottom. Put your bouquet inside the vase (make sure the water is not touching your bouquet ribbon). Then follow the previous steps to make a place for your bouquet.

Cut a hole for your flower bouquet and repeat the previous steps

You are ready for the transportation of your floral arrangements and bouquet

Tips for Transporting Flower Arrangements:

  • Transporting all your arrangements from your home to the event venue is easy! And you will not need to buy any additional supplies if you recycle the box that you received the flowers in.
  • Measure openings for each vase, cut a hole in the cardboard then drop the flowers in the hole so that the cardboard holds the arrangement up right.
  • Use tape to secure any tall arrangements to the boxes.
  • Secure the box of arrangement in the car so the box will not slide around.
  • Transport corsages and boutonnieres in plastic cups with less than an inch of water in them! This will keep the flowers hydrated and from getting squished. Put all the cups in a box to make them easier to carry in and out of the venue.

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