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DIY Video: How To Care For Tulips

How To Care For Tulips

Your DIY flowers have arrived! Now what? Our floral expert Jeff is going to show you how to care for tulips, starting with flower rehydration and flower prep, with helpful tips along the way!

How do I care for my fresh cut tulips?

  1. Once your tulips are delivered, open the box and remove the flowers to begin processing them.
  2. Remove the plastic covering.
  3. If you would like, you can remove the green foliage. However, you can keep it on for added texture and depth.
  4. Cut the stems with floral scissors at a sharp 45-degree angle. Then place them in luke-warm water to begin the rehydration process.
  5. After 6-12 hours you will notice that the flowers have perked up and the blooms will be slightly more open.
  6. To speed up the blooming process you can always add more luke-warm to warm water and place them on a window sill close to sunlight.

Facts about tulips

Here are some other helpful hints for making your own DIY wedding flowers!

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