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DIY Video: How to Make a Carnation Curtain

How to Make a Carnation Curtain

A carnation curtain is an easy and affordable way to incorporate a big flower display and photo backdrop at your event! You can customize the colors, patterns, and spacing however you like!

How many flowers do I need to make this Spring Basket?

  1. 50 Pink Carnations
  2. 50 Hot Pink Carnations
  3. 59 Fuchsia Carnations
  4. 50 Moonvista Carnations

What floral supplies do I need to make this Carnation Curtain?

  1. Fishing Wire
  2. Needle
  3. Floral Shears for trimming your flowers and greens

How do I make a Carnation Curtain?

  1. Thread fishing line through a needle.
  2. Cut the bloom off of the Carnation flower stem.
  3. Poke the needle through the base of the bud. Pull the fishing line through the carnation flower.
  4. Tie a knot to keep the flower from sliding on the fishing wire.
  5. Repeat steps with desired colors of the carnation flowers.
  6. Hang from a curtain rod or beam.

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