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Garden Rose Darcey Red

This item is sold by the bunch in multiples of 2.

Stems/Bunch: 12

2 to 3 bunches

$97.60 per bunch

5 to 18 bunches

$96.00 per bunch

20 to 48 bunches

$94.00 per bunch

50 or more bunches

$92.00 per bunch



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Common Names: Garden Roses, Cabbage Roses, David Austin Rose

If you’re looking for a show-stopper of a rose that will add a rich texture to your bouquet or centerpiece, look no further than the Darcey garden rose from famed breeder David Austin. While the flowers are still young, their outer petals form a perfect ring around an inner cup, and once the petals open, they create the perfect rosette. Considered one of the healthiest blooms in the Austin collection, the Darcey is filled with deep raspberry and fuchsia undertones and boast clusters of beautiful golden stamens, offering a striking color contrast to any arrangement. As the rose ages, the flowers develop rich purple tones. This lightly scented bloom is sold by the bunch, in multiples of two. Each bunch includes 12 stems. One day advance purchase is required. 

Stems/Bunch: 12
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 12"-15" stems with 2.5"-4" flowers
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 2-3 days
Price Class: $ $ $ $
Special Care: Despite having a slightly longer vase life than most garden roses, DO NOT KEEP THEM FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME before your event. These flowers need special attention as they are difficult to hydrate. Please use cool water to rehydrate them. Make sure to store them in a cool DRY place, out of direct sunlight.
Suggestions: These roses are a bold and elegant choice for any DIY arrangement. Use lots of greenery to accentuate this rose.

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