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Gerbera Daisy Pink

10 to 50 stems

$3.88 per stem

60 or more stems

$3.68 per stem



  • * Actual product may vary from image.
  • * This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 10.

Common Names: Gerber Daisy

Already a symbol of joy and happiness, a pink gerbera daisy also represents admiration, adoration and holding someone in high esteem. They’re the flowers you turn to when you want to say thank you for a lovely date or if you want to shower someone with veneration all year long. The deeply saturated color and near-perfect symmetry of the blossoms make the pink gerbera daisy a bold and eye-catching addition to your DIY flower arrangements. Gerbera daisies have a tendency to become blocked with bacteria and will begin to wilt prematurely. Avoid this by changing the water in your arrangement every 24-48 hours. To support their stems, use gerbera sleeves with gerbera daisies. 

Please Note: There can be a lot of variation in the color of yellow Gerbera Daisies. These are not specific varieties of Gerbera daisies. Petal color and center color will vary per bunch. 

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