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Garland Two Greens - 12 Feet

A single package includes the following:

1 Ea of Green #1
1 Ea of Green #2



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Common Names: Bay Leaf,Bush Ivy,Magnolia,Salal,Seeded Eucalyptus,Olive,Rosemary,Safari Sunset

Whether it is used on its own or accented with flowers and filler, our Two Greens Garland will add a touch of drama to any venue. Our assortment of lush greens includes:

Bay leaf    Magnolia         Salal         Olive         Rosemary         Safari sunset         Baby blue eucalyptus         Seeded eucalyptus         Silver dollar eucalyptus

Choose whichever two combinations you like best and leave the rest to us. Our talented team will hand assemble your garland using the freshest greens. Once you receive your garland (or garlands), use it to adorn an altar, create a luxe wedding arch, line the aisle of your outdoor ceremony or create lovely table centerpieces. We love the variety of textures you can create when combining two different types of greens. Some of our favorites include grouping lush foliage such as silver dollar eucalyptus with more delicate greens like our seeded eucalyptus. For a soft, feminine touch, we love pairing olive with rosemary. Speaking of rosemary, if you are looking to add fragrance to your arrangements, you will do just that with our fresh rosemary as well as our eucalyptus.

Please note: This is ONE GARLAND with two different types of greens. All of our garlands are handmade and require a lead time of three days. CALL US IF YOU NEED A CUSTOM SIZE!

Size: 12' long
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5 days
Price Class: $ $ $
Special Care: All of our garlands are handmade and can vary in width. To keep the garland rehydrated and fresh, mist the garland with water daily. You can also place the garland on damp towels to keep it hydrated.
Suggestions: Greens garlands look beautiful and charming on their own but add flowers or fillers yourself if you’d like. Match your wedding flowers to your garland by using the same flowers or fillers as your bouquet or centerpieces! Roses, dahlias, baby’s breath, and limonium add excellent texture to any type of garland!

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