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Sleek Greens & Fillers Bulk Pack

A single package includes the following:

3 bunches of Dianthus
2 bunches of Ti Leaves
3 bunches of Jade Palm
2 bunches of Curly Willow Tips



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

The Sleek Greens and Fillers Bulk Pack is perfect for the DIY bride, event planner, or fundraiser! They can be used for up to 14-15 arrangements (depending on the size of the arrangements you plan on making)! These packs take the guesswork out of DIY Wholesale Wedding flowers because you do not have to guess how many bunches you need to create a specific look. The answers are all here and already set up for you!
This sleek greens pack is a combination of hard-lined yet simple greens that will add a sleek, slender, and modern touch to any wedding, baby shower, engagement party, birthday, anniversary, or event arrangements.

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