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Rose Sweet Akito  40 Cm
Rose Sweet Akito

Rose Sweet Akito

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 25.

25 to 75 stems

$1.55 per stem

100 or more stems

$1.43 per stem



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Our Sweet Akito rose might just be the ideal pale-pink rose. With its delicately wrapped petals and its varying flush of lighter pink on the outside petals to a slightly more intense pink on the inside, this rose will add a gorgeous blush of color to your floral décor. The pink rose has long been a symbol of grace and elegance; the lighter shade of pink has been known to convey gentleness, femininity, and admiration. The Sweet Akito pale-pink rose is a wonderful choice for a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding or birthday party. Mix the bouquets up according to the season — Sweet Akito is anything but boring. She is a versatile flower that can hold her own in arrangements for any season or for any purpose.