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Lavendar Larkspur Flower

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches

$28.08 per bunch



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Featuring airy stalks covered in multiple flower clusters, the lavender larkspur adds dainty refinement to any floral arrangement. We especially adore how they complement a bountiful mix of wildflowers for an effortlessly chic garden wedding, shower or other special occasions. According to party planners, rustic is one of the most requested party themes, and flowers such as larkspurs definitely play a role in capturing this theme. They also work well in country and woodland themes. In addition to their visual charm, larkspurs symbolize some of the most romantic sentiments, including love, strong attachment, pure heart, sweet disposition and desire for laughter, making them a spot-on floral choice to celebrate the union of marriage.  

Also known as delphinium consolida, the larkspur belongs to the buttercup family and is native to Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean region. It gets its name from the spur-shaped formation of the calyx and petals and is closely related to the delphinium. When it comes to incorporating larkspurs into your floral designs, you’re only limited by your imagination. They add color and height to many arrangements and look as lovely when assembled with snapdragons, wax flowers and stems of dainty green filler as they do with peonies, spray roses and lush foliage. 

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