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Antique Green Hydrangea Flower

This item is sold by the stem.

1 to 14 stems

$11.28 per stem

15 or more stems

$9.00 per stem



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

Antique green hydrangea is the perfect complement to backyard classic arrangement. It provides an undeniably lush, elegant look, so it’s often used as a centerpiece or bouquet focal flower. Antique hydrangeas are especially well-suited for vintage-themed and down-to-earth affairs because they bring an aged look and multicolored dimension. This must-have wedding flower symbolizes honest emotion and gratitude. And, although beautiful, hydrangeas are often considered a utility flower due to their hardiness and affordability. You can’t go wrong here!

We recommend using these hydrangeas for your garden-style arrangements, but the flowers can also be removed from the flower head to accent centerpieces, bouquet ribbons and more. Because they’re available all year, green hydrangeas can be used to bring a summery feel to your winter wedding or event or to showcase the warmth and beauty of the warm-weather seasons. Style them in antique milk glass or give them a glamorous vibe in a metallic vase.


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