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Peony ASSORTED Colors Pack (120 Stems)

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Nothing is quite as stunning as a peony in full bloom. These luscious flowers are adored for their delicate ruffled petals which add a touch of glamour to any arrangement. The beautiful flower petals rest on slender stems, so they’re easy to gather, whether for a bouquet or in a vase as a centerpiece. Blooms by the Box offers peonies at wholesale prices in assorted colors, including shades of pink, white, red, and coral a perfect palette for the blushing bride or a variety of different occasions. They look great paired with just about any flower, including roses, larkspur, and daisies. Get creative when planning your next big event, whether you’re hosting a gala or decorating for a wedding. Exact colors and quantities will vary.

Please note: We do not sell specific varieties of peonies, only generic color.  Color variation can be expected.

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