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DIY Video: Sunflower Series: How to Make a Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower Series: How to Make a Sunflower Bouquet

With just 5 stems of sunflowers, some purple tulips, and a filler, you can make a gorgeous sunflower wedding bouquet! Watch step by step and see for yourself how easy it really is.

How many flowers do I need to make this Sunflower Bouquet?

  1. 5 Stems of Sunflowers
  2. 8 Stems of Purple Tulips
  3. 5 Stems of Pink Limonium

What floral supplies do I need to make this bouquet?

  1. Burlap Ribbon
  2. Floral Tape
  3. Floral Shears for trimming your flowers and greens

How do I make a Sunflower Bouquet?

  1. Cut stems and clean of extra foliage.
  2. Bunch sunflowers together.
  3. Insert tulips in center, scatter in between sunflowers.
  4. Add limonium to outer of bouquet and move in between the sunflowers and tulips.
  5. Wrap stems with floral tape starting at the top of the stems, tape tightly.
  6. Final step, wrap burlap over floral tape and pin to secure.
  7. Cut stems to desired length.

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